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The new mailing address is: W5 Incoming Bureau, P.O. Box 1060, Mounds, OK 74047

The new email address is: w5buro@gmail.com

The Bureau Status Quick Search below makes it possible for you to see what your sorter has on file for your callsign.
Please contact your sorter if you believe the information is not correct or have any questions. Sorters

Contact Gene Lewis, W5LE, the bureau manager, to check on the status of envelopes, funds, postage, labels, etc.
sent to the bureau.

We will continue placing the Forever stamp on envelopes being put together here. We suggest the use of that stamp if you send envelopes to the bureau. Costs for sending more than 4 ounces of cards in a 6x9 envelope will be calculated at a Large Envelope rate. A picture of older non-denominational stamps can be viewed by clicking on Stamp Rates on the left side of this page. We expect continued close scrutiny of weights, envelope sizes, etc. will continue. Mailings to bureau sorters go out when a MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX IS FULL.

W5 Incoming Bureau
P.O. BOX 1060
Mounds, OK 74047

Manager: Gene Lewis - W5LE
Your Sorter: Sorter Page
Webmaster: Gene Lewis - W5LE

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The ARRL W5 Incoming QSL bureau is operated by the Oklahoma DX Association. The bureau consist of volunteers who provide this valuable service to their fellow hams. Cards arrive at our P.O. Box from various sources, such as other DX bureaus around the world and the ARRL Incoming Bureau. Upon arrival, the cards are presorted by a group of volunteers. This presorting consists of grouping the cards alphabetically by the first letter of the call suffix, for example, W5ABC, WB5AFG, N5AA would all go in the same "A" stack. The presorters then return the sorted cards to the bureau manager. Each letter of the alphabet has another sorter assigned to handle the actual mailing of QSLs and notices when a ham has cards on file but no envelopes or credits. Every two months, the cards accumulated for each letter of the alphabet are mailed to the sorters. Each letter sorter is then responsible for matching up the cards with envelopes and mailing when enough cards are accumulated to cover the amount of postage provided. They also notify any ham who has cards on file but no envelopes. Please check the Procedures and Dos & Don'ts links for details on proper procedures for using the W5 QSL Bureau.

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